2018-19 Committee Chairs and Members

Thank you to all those listed below. We appreciate your hard work and dedication!


Conference Program

Megan Quinn, Chair
Christian Williams, Co-Chair
Aubrenie Jones
David Kirschke
Ami Mitchell
Kathleen Brown
Caitlin Law
Paul Petersen
Kelly Cooper
Carrie Thomas
Cathy Taylor
Dana Mulcahy
Kimberly Glenn
Kim Harrell

Conference Arrangements

Ami Mitchell, Chair
Catherine Montgomery
Kim Harrell

Fun and Fitness

Joseph Goss, Chair
Wendy Cantrell
Michael Railling
Mary Landau
Pamela Hobbs
Pamela Hobbs
Lauren Weiland
Melony Sesti
Marianne Sharp
Peggy Shover
Jenny Hurst
Shirley Lewis
Kendra Hammonds
Carla Snodgrass
Suzie Sanders
Scott Wyatt


Jennifer Valentine, Chair
Jenny Dudzinski
Kate Bennett
Lauren Weiland
Carrie Thomas
Sanjana Stamm
Corie Gouge


LeeAnne Kelley, Chair
Jamie Martin
Paulette Cowan
Peter Phillips
John Weathers
Marsha Jennette
Scott Wyatt
Krista Smith
Jenny Crane
Wesley Myers


Carrie Thomas, Chair
Jennifer Hunt
Shannon Railling
Matt McDaniel
Tatum Johnson

Exhibits and Sponsorships

Chelsea Ridley, Chair
Christian Williams
Kim Harrell

Silent Auction

Tatum Johnson, Chair
Lisa Bumbalough
Sandra Wilson
Carrie Thomas
Katie Neal
Rhonda Becknell
Danna Taylor
Melissa Davis

Continuing Education

Dana Mulcahy, Chair
Veran A. Fairrow
Melissa Wolford
Donna Hurst
Marian Levy
Jackie M. Thompson
Micky Roberts
Nita Jernigan

Nominations and Elections

Rebekah English, Chair
Hannah McGhee
Pattie Kiddy
Robert Schmidt
Crystal Manners
Andy Langford

Constitution and Bylaws

Hal Hendrick, Chair
Angie Faulkner
Annette Haley
Catherine Montgomery
Glenn Czarnecki
Wilson McGriff

Audit and Finance

Matt McDaniel, Chair
Tracy Byrd
Lauren Weiland

Public Policy and Legislation

Susan Porter, Chair
Cathy Taylor
Judy C. Martin
Judy C. Martin
Crystal Manners
Crystal Manners
Crystal Manners
LaShan Matthews Dixon, Chair, Resolutions

Public Relations

Savannah Morrow, Chair
Shannon Railling
Kim Harrell

Public Health Week

Shannon Railling, Chair
Chelsea White
Gail Benton
Michelle McNabb
Brook Mitchell
Corie Gouge
Helen Brakebill
LeighAnne Taylor
Brenda Kyles
Kayla French
Pamela Gilreath

2018-2019 Board of Directors

Cathy Taylor, PhD, DrPH (President)
Dean and Professor
Gordon E. Inman College of Health Science and Nursing
Belmont University
Haley Colvin (President-Elect)
Registered Dietitian
Grundy/Franklin County Health Department
Susan Porter, RN (Immediate Past-President)
Emergency Response Coordinator, DOH (Ret.)
Jackson – West Tennessee
Marian Levy, DrPH (Affiliate Representative to American Public Health Association)
Associate Dean and Professor
School of Public Health, The University of Memphis
Marianne Sharp (Vice President/East Tennessee)
Regional Accountant
East Regional Office
Crystal Manners, DDS (Vice President/Middle Tennessee)
South Central Regional Office
Judy C. Martin, RN (Vice President/West Tennessee)
Chief of Nursing
Memphis-Shelby County Health Department
Michael Railling (Board Representative/Middle Tennessee)
County Director
Smith County Health Department
Sharon Nelson (Board Representative/Middle Tennessee)
Program Director
South Central Regional Health Office
Melony Sesti (Board Representative/West Tennessee and Dental Section)
Dental Hygienist
Gibson County Health Department
Richard Savoy, OD (Board Representative/West Tennessee)
Southern College of Optometry
Memphis/Shelby County
Jennifer Valentine (Board Representative/East Tennessee)
Director of Nursing
Knox County Health Department
Sandra Wilson (Board Representative/East Tennessee)
Dental Hygienist
Northeast Regional Health Office
Caitlin Law, MPH (Representing Epidemiology and Communicable Disease Section)
TN Department of Health, Central Office
Aubrenie Jones (Representing Health Education/Health Promotion Section)
Health Educator
Rutherford County Health Department
Carolyn Somerville, RN (Representing Nursing Section)
Memphis-Shelby County Health Department
Samantha Dixon Sanders, RD (Representing Nutrition Section)
Smith County Health Department
Mohammad Hossain, MD (Representing Physicians Section)
Williamson County Health Department
Poliala Dickson, PhD (Representing Public Health Academics Section)
Assistant Professor
Tennessee State University
Wilson McGriff, OD (Representing Vision Care Section)
Southern College of Optometry
Kimberly Davidson (Representing Environmental Health)
Environmental Specialist IV
Fentress County Health Department
Dylan Kenkel and Jordan Goins (Representing Student Section)
East Tennessee State University
Kimberly Harrell (ex-officio member)
Executive Director
Tennessee Public Health Association